Zone 9 - Freeway Fury


PS250Hz60Hz Sink Strat Supercar
GCXboxPS250Hz60Hz Wall Strat Supercar
GCXboxPS250Hz60Hz 23 Multi Strat Custom Roadster
Enable the Runaway mode and choose the Custom Roadster using Automatic Transmission. Do a RST about 140-160mph to get a Tanker or big grey truck, as those are the best ones for trailer-damage strats. Using 50hz release the brake the moment the timer jumps on 1, using 60hz release the brake when the timer is on a very low 1, and you should get those trucks pretty often. Boost for the whole time and go between the left and middle laned traffic. After overtaking the traffic don't face the truck immediately, wait a little, and then cut to the left into the trucks trailer, to make it count as a trailer-damage. Sometimes it seems cutting hard into the trailer works best, but if you hit the perfect timing, a considered and smooth cut to the left will work out very good too.
  • Example Video

  • Scenario:
    The Custom Roadster should then fly, without or slightly touching the right laned oncoming bus, over to the other lanes spooking the bus there. The truck should fold and the traffic behind should crash into the truck. In an ideal scenario 1 bus should stop beside the truck, perfect would be even 2 buses. But mostly they line up behind the truck, so on a glitch it will that typical "only truck-flying" glitch like they happen using this strat. Unfortunately those different specific scenarios happening seem absolutely random. There is no way you can make the bus/buses stop beside the truck, it just happens once in a while.
  • 2 buses beside Truck: Example Video 1
  • 2 buses beside Truck: Example Video 2

  • Version differences:
    Actually almost all versions will work for that strat, as it seems a lot of people have its prefered version or the one they are used to. If you too often touch the 1st right laned oncoming bus, then try to use another version. Also try out another version to see, which will give you a better truck more often. It might be easier using better 60hz steering to execute the last hard cut into the trucks trailer.

    For the best non-glitch scores you will use the exact same way which was mentioned, where the right laned oncoming bus isn't touched by the Custom Roadster. There is a specific scenario then, where the 3rd bus will t-bone and that 1st oncoming boxtruck should flip that bus and ideally the other 2 buses. This scenario seems to work out a tiny bit better using 50hz, also firmer Gamecube physics could be advantageous for a 3 busflip behind the truck.
  • Example Video

  • Expert Tip:
    There is a scenario where the buses slide beside the truck, which usually seems like a not so good working out scenario. But actually this seems to be one of the very rare ways, to achieve a higher multipler than the usual 23 one. As the buses can get in a position almost passing the truck. On a glitch the bus(es) would be kicked towards the start, where additional traffic is driving plus also randomly appearing one.
    Using Gamecube 50hz seems to give that scenario much more often compared to the Xbox versions. But there is still a lot of luck involved getting the truck folding really nicely and triggering a glitch. Often a bus will slide/crash into the trucks cab unfolding it.
  • Example Video 1
  • Example Video 2

  • Additional "Higher Multiplier" Info:
    On the "Example 1" video, despite the fact 5 multipliers were missed, Anthony Burnout still managed to get a 23 multiplier. There is that small traffic row with the tarp truck, box truck and 2 small cars, which you overtake right after the start. When overtaking them, it seems, the other traffic on those lanes isn't that far away.
    Somewhere at the high where you crash into the truck, this traffic row seems to disappear. But actually it just gets invisible, cause, depends where the Custom Roadster is positioned, that traffic row will start to appear/get visible again, the closer it gets to the Custom Roadster. That is usually at the end of the crash, cause the Custom Roadster is positioned close to the finish using the 23-multi strat. But if you "fail" the strat and the Custom Roadster doesn't fly far towards the finish, that traffic row will get visible/appear again earlier.
  • Example Video: Traffic row caught being visible

  • Now it looks like, even the traffic row is invisible, you still can catch them and make the multiplier count. At least this seems to be the only logical explanation, how Anthony Burnout caught 5 additional multipliers. But cause the traffic row only exists out of 4 vehicles, the last multiplier has to be one of those additional, out of nowhere appearing 24th or rare appearing 25th multiplier (check example pics), which he also caught being invisible, cause they also can't be seen on the pics from his crash.
    But even with all those additional traffic, it still is a mystery how Drew22werD managed to even catch a 30 multiplier on his PR.
  • Example Pics

  • Alternative strat:
    The only alternative to this strat is the wall-strat.

    As there are yet not many glitches with a busspin using the "23 multi" strat, even less ones with a higher multiplier, there still is room for improvement. This also confirmed the 20 million damage glitch wihout any bus hit/spin. It showed, that even with 1 busspin the 600 million mark could probably be beaten. But this would need a very good glitch with a very good busspin. Now imagine this happening with 2 busspinners, there is even room for damages above 30 million. But considering you would just get a "usual" good glitch with 2 busspinners, this is probably the key for a 600 million score, as it would need "only" 26 million of damage with a 23 multiplier.
    Also with the "23-multi" being a trailer-strat, there could happen unpredictable things with the trailer creating one of those so called "weird" trailer damages. And on top of that, there is even the potential for a higher multiplier than 23. If someone could get some of those mentioned things working together, even a score above 700 million could happen.

    Additional Vids:
  • Highest Damage $23,676,960
  • Best Damage Best Multi Best Total
    23,676,960 x 30 = 710,308,800