Zone 4 - Pacific Peril


GCXboxPS250Hz60Hz 11 Multi Sink Strat Custom Roadster
GCXboxPS250Hz60Hz High Multi Strat (with and without Trailer hit) SupercarCustom Roadster
Xbox50Hz Custom SUV Glitch Strat
As of July 2020 this strat is outdated. Instead the "High Multi" strat is recommended.

Enable the Runaway mode and choose the Custom SUV using Automatic Transmission. Do not use boost or RST, just let the car take-off itself. Right after the take-off go to the right and follow the yellow road marking till it "disappears". Keep the direction and face the white middle road marking. When you overtake the 2 right laned vehicles (Pickup and Taxi), face the Taxi behind the Boxtruck and crash into its left back, making the Custom SUV slide into the Boxtruck.
You should use the Runaway Mode cause the collision query will work out better crashing the Taxi.
  • Example Video

  • Scenario:
    The Taxi should then fly/slide along the rail and pass the intersection just before the bus getting the bus spooked. The bus will then start to slide and those small car parts flying/sliding along the rail behind the Taxi should slide into/touch the bus, which will get the bus stopped. The arriving truck should then fold at that 1st bus and the bus behind should crash into the truck.
  • Example Video: Truck folded facing the left
  • Example Video: Truck folded facing the right

  • Version differences:
    For this strat it is highly recommended to use Xbox 50hz. The reason, it will work better than using Gamecube, are those small car parts which stop the sliding bus. They just don't slide the same way using Gamecube physics, so the bus won't stop that often. And the reason Xbox 50hz is working out better than Xbox 60hz are the lighter physics, which will make the truck fold easier.

    For the best non-glitch score use the Hot Rod 18 Multi strat.

    Alternative strat:
    CoastalCrusher worked out a scenario, which also gets the boxtruck close to the truck to get it also kicked on a glitch. But there is almost no experience using that strat, so it remains an interesting idea. Also it works out more luckily/random compared to using the Custom SUV strat.
  • Example Video: Boxtruck Scenario

  • Potential/Outlook:
    At this time the experience with this strat is still very fresh, so it ain't easy to predict its potential just judging from 1 very good glitch. But as other strats/zones showed, that 8,3 million of damage sure isn't the end, so i guess even above 10 million of damage is possible.
    But it seems the "Custom SUV Glitch" strat can't hold up to the potential of the later found trailer strats, especially with the Hot Rod one with a higher multiplier.

    Additional Vids:
  • Highest Damage $8,374,444
  • Highest Multiplier: 15
  • Best Damage Best Multi Best Total
    8,374,444 x 15 = 125,616,660
    GCXboxPS250Hz60Hz Trailer Strats Hot RodCustom Roadster
    GCXboxPS250Hz60Hz DHS Strat Custom Pickup
    GCXboxPS250Hz60Hz Hot Rod 18 Multi Strat Hot Rod
    As of July 2020 this strat is outdated. Instead the "High Multi" strat is recommended.

    Enable the Runaway mode and choose the Hot Rod. It will work using Automatic or Manual Transmission. You might try both and see, which one works out better for you. Do a fast RST, face the oncoming lanes and drive onto the very left lane close to the rail. Directly after face the spot between the 2 oncoming buses and try to crash/bounce off the right laned bus. While doing all this you should boost for the whole time.
  • Example Video

  • Scenario:
    The Hot Rod should then fly over to the traffic right at the gas station and fly into the truck (18 multiplier) or the bus behind to flip that one. A lot of times this scenario will work out luckily. Also catching all 18 multipliers is a rather rare thing to happen. There are several different scenarios which also seem to happen rather luckily.
  • Example Video: Flipping the Bus behind Truck
  • Example Video: Trailer Hit
  • Example Video: Flipping the 1st two oncoming Buses

  • Tip:
    You can try around with the angle when crashing between those 2 buses to fly over to the gas station. Try out a sharper or wider angle. Also try around where to hit that bus. Plus you can also work on the technique how to crash between those buses.
    For me it seemed using a smaller angle and trying to hit that left 1st oncoming bus into its back worked out good.

    Version differences:
    Heavier Gamecube physics seem to fit that strat better cause it makes the Hot Rod bounce off better of those buses to fly over to the gas station.

    This strat is also the best one to use for non-glitch scores on this zone. The best scores and damages were done with flipping that bus behind the truck (check the example vid "Flipping the Bus behind Truck" on the links above). Yes, this will cost you 1 multiplier, but the additional damage from that busflip will pay out at the end. But on lucky working out scenarios, you also can get additional busflips if you fly into that truck to get all 18 multipliers.

    Alternative strat:
    As for a long time only the sink-glitch was used on this zone, the "Hot Rod 18 multi" strat can still give you very easily a Top-25 spot, especially compared to the other strats. But if you want to keep the potential open for scores above the 70 milllion mark, it is highly recommended to use the "Custom SUV Glitch Strat" or one of the "Trailer" strats.

    As this strat is not really done for (very random happening) scenarios to get the truck into a nicely folded position to glitch, scores already seem to reached its limit. You could probably get a very high non-glitch score, if you success to flip the 1st two oncoming buses and still get the crash working out, but there is a lot of luck involved. Even more, if you want to get the truck to glitch in one of those random happening "folded truck" scenarios.

    Additional Vids:
  • Highest Damage $3,746,373
  • Highest non-glitch Damage $3,589,166
  • Best Damage Best Multi Best Total
    3,746,373 x 18 = 67,434,714