Zone 22 - Downtown Destruction


GCXbox50Hz60Hz Trailer Strat (Parked Bus Scenario) Hot Rod
Choose the Hot Rod with Manual Transmission. At take-off just hold down gas, do not do a turbostart and do not use boost, also don't steer till you reach the curve. Using 50hz drive a tight curve and start to boost just before the horizontal white road marking. Then drive along the dashed middle road marking, as you pass close to the Taxi, aim for the Logtrucks trailer and with a small move to the right crash into that area, where the front "trailer" double wheels end. Using 60hz drive the curve not to tight, so that you come out just a tiny bit right of the dashed middle road marking, wait a little bit after you passed the horizontal white road marking, then start to boost. After that proceed same as using 50hz.
  • Example Video 50hz
  • Example Video 60hz

  • Scenario:
    The Logtruck should then start to fold and slide towards the rails "corner" and touch/spook the small white vehicle, which came from the right and the Hot Rod should touch/activate the parked red small vehicle. That bus coming from the right should then drive directly into the trucks back. Ideally the truck should glitch immediately when this happens, kicking that bus and also the 1st parked bus right beside. That parked bus will be kicked then into the 2nd parked bus making it spin too.

    Additional Scenario Info:
    To get that early glitch with a 3-busspin, the truck needs to be positioned exactly on a certain spot, where the bus coming from the right drives into the trucks very rear panel. If the bus is crashing into the trucks side, even on the very back, the bus will start to make that usual move to the left, the truck will glitch in exactly that moment missing that bus (check example video). There is only a very very tiny range to make this happen, often you will end up with a 2-busspin.
  • Example Video 3-Busspin
  • Example Video Truck missing the Bus

  • Version differences:
    Using Gamecube that small wheel falling of the Hot Rod, will on and of slide towards the bus coming from the right, and stop that bus before crashing into the Logtruck. Using Xbox will solve that problem. Also using lighter Xbox physics will get you the truck folding easier and move/glitch more often. But you still can go with the other versions. Compare, and see what works best for you or what is more motivating you or which would rather give you that certain 3-busspin scenario.

    Using Late-Start:
    Now i don't know, if using late-start will change that much here, as you basically go for that early glitch which just envolves that one driving bus coming from the right. On an early glitch those vehicles crashing after would probably create slightly more damage, but you would have to wait each time for about 14-15 seconds, which will cost you a lot of tries on a long go.
  • Late-Start Example Video

  • Non-glitch:
    For the best non-glitch scores use the Supercar non-glitch strat.

    Alternative strat:
    As basically this same strat turned from a "usual" one into a trailer strat and then into one, which envolves "all" 3 buses getting spun/kicked, there is absolutely no hint or idea for a better/as good strat as this one.

    The only really good working out 3-busspin happened on the World Record. So if that happens again, there sure is something about 21-23 million of damage possible on a very good glitch. This video proofs it, cause for the driving bus you can get 5-6 million of damage on a good spin. If someone would be also lucky with the multiplier on a glitch like that, the score could even go way beyond the 350 million mark.
  • 17 million Damage without getting the driving Bus to spin
  • Plus this being a Trailer-strat, even unpredrictable things or some massive "weird" damage glitches could happen.
  • Example Video 18 Million "weird" Trailer Damage

  • Perfect Damage Statistics:
    Those are the best achieved damages for each vehicle:
  • Logtruck 4,5 million (without "weird glitch" damage)
  • Driving Bus 6,8 million
  • 1st parked Bus 6,6 million (Dolphin TAS)
  • 2nd Parked Bus 5,4 million
  • Other Vehicles 2,9 million (2 Busflips)
  • = 26,2 million x 18 = 471,6 million

    Additional Vids:
  • Highest Damage $19,192,172
  • Highest Multiplier: 18
  • Best Damage Best Multi Best Total
    19,192,172 x 18 = 345,459,096
    GCXboxPS250Hz60Hz Supercar non-glitch Strat Supercar