Zone 18 - Criss Cross Crush


GCXbox50Hz60Hz Custom Pickup "Bus Scenario" Strat Custom Pickup
Choose the Custom Pickup (Automatic Transmission). Do a usual Turbostart, boost and go close to the rail. Face the red Compact and pass behind that Compact. As soon as you reach the median, go off gas and boost and hit hard on the brake. Wait for approximately a little less than a second, then gas and boost again and face the truck. Hit the truck on the middle to right side, actually closer to the very right, and cut hard to the right while crashing.
The Custom Pickup is flying over and should ideally touch and stop the Taxi on the right lanes, cause you also would like that bus coming 3 vehicles behind to stop at the mark of the trucks cab to have the possibility of a hit by the other bus on a glitch.
  • Example Video using Xbox 50hz

  • Scenario:
    The scenario/crash you go for looks like this. Of course the truck should fold entirely, the first bus should slide and stop right beside the trucks cab to be in a position to be kicked on a glitch. The 2nd bus should do the same, just on the other side of the truck. Basically getting a good glitch on that "2 bus" scenario, nevermind at which position/angle both buses are standing, is at this moment the scenario you want to happen and the one which surely can already beat the World Record.
  • Example Pic 1 - "2 Bus Scenario"
  • Example Pic 2 - "2 Bus Scenario"

  • But as already mentioned before, you can even get the bus from the other lanes/side involved. Therefor that bus needs to be in range of the bus right beside the trucks cab like on the "Example Pic" below or the current World Record. On a glitch that bus beside the truck would get kicked and fly into that bus creating more damage on both buses.
  • Example Pic 1 - "3 Bus-Scenario"

  • On top of that the most perfect scenario would have the 2nd oncoming bus being lined up in a perfect t-bone position to the rail. Experience showed that this is one of the best bus positions to create huge damage right on the glitch, when that bus is kinda getting "squashed" into the rail. The more perfect the t-bone angle is (90 degrees), the better it is to create more damage.
  • Example Pic 1 - "T-Boned Bus"
  • Example Pic 2 - "T-Boned Bus"
  • Example Pic 3 - "T-Boned Bus"

  • Additional Scenario Info:
    Using the strat as described those scenarios with the 2 buses placed beside the trucks cab are not that common. Getting that scenario of a possible 3rd bus being involved, or even the t-boned bus is already very very rare. Maybe sometime a way will be figured to get those really nice scenarios more often, time will tell.
    Also getting the 16 multiplier won't work out each time.

    Stop the truck a few feet before the road splits in 2 (check the scenario pics), cause the distance to the rail is smaller and that would be better for a t-boned bus to create damage on a glitch.
  • Scenario Pics
  • If you have problems with the strat or you think you are doing something wrong, the parameters you can change is how close/tight to the rail you drive right after/on the start, the angle facing after that area, how much and at which exact spot you brake down, how quickly you start gas and boost again, and the angle you are coming from respectively facing the truck. You also can try around with the versions and those mentioned parameters to possibly find a way to create good scenarios more often.

    Version differences:
    As this strategie is still relatively new for me, i am not quite sure which the best version is to go with. But it seems the differences are not that big or very fine, and depending on the (exact) execution of the strat, the prefered version can be different. If you see the 2nd bus crashing too often into the back of the truck, try to use another version. Using 60hz and Gamecube that problem appeared more often to me, that is why currently Xbox 50hz is working best for me. But as i already wrote, better try it for yourself which one will give you the nice scenario more often. Or there might be even some other detail to look on, more experience might answer that question.

    Strat/Score difficulty:
    This zone, nevermind which strat is used, really rarely gives a good glitch. It is even one of the hardest zones/strats to get a good glitch on. So you should't really be suprised if you don't have success getting a bigger glitch. The strat execution itself isn't really hard but being precise can pay off to fold the truck nicely and hit the right timing.

    For the best non-glitch scores the Oval Racer RST strategy should be used, as using the Custom Pickup strat it is already a challenge to beat the 40 million mark without a glitch.

    Alternative strat:
    On a first look the different strategies/ways folding the truck don't look that much different. But it is that certain scenario with the buses beside which doesn't offer an alternative way to really be competitive if it comes to the maximum possible scores. So that buses-beside-truck-scenario is the only one to go, although using other ways/scenarios can still give someone a very high ranked score.

    There are actually mainly 2 videos to judge from. The World Record one (151 million), and the 2nd spot (112 million) with the strongest glitch seen so far on that zone. The 151 million glitch wasn't really a that strong one, but involved all 4 buses on the glitch. If you combine that WR-scenario with the strongest glitch, i assume the damage would be surely 2-4 million higher. That would mean a possible damage of 11,5 to 13,5 million. But as there are still even better bus positions possible than in those 2 videos, the "ultimate" glitch (bus being t-boned at the rail + 3 bus scenario + strong glitch) could even create higher damages. The potential for a score even over 250 million can be already seen now.
  • 151 million - Glitch involving all 4 buses
  • 112 million - Strongest glitch so far

  • Additional Vids:
  • Highest Damage $9,483,728
  • Best Damage Best Multi Best Total
    9,483,728 x 16 = 151,739,648
    GCXboxPS250Hz60Hz Oval Racer RST Strat Oval Racer