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November 24, 2018 - 10:20:16

The Crash Mode Protocols - The History of Strats (8)

Big Finds #8
Version Differences

I thought of what could i write in the next episode, cause i already mentioned all the "big" overall finds. Those protocols started with the idea to tell how things were discovored. But you can also see it as a list of which things have been discovered. So in this episode i will write/explain about the version differences.

In the 1st years 1-2 years the things, i mostly read on the internet was, that the Playstation 2 version doesn't glitch. And that the Gamecube version/50hz mode (the one i used back then) might be better for glitches. And yes, on the Playstation 2 version the "flying-truck" glitch isnt't working but the "sink"- and even the "flat-position" glitches are working. But that the Gamecube or the 50hz version is in general better for glitches/scores is not true or proven. There are even very high ranked players who even think, that the Xbox 60hz version is the best one for glitches. It is hard to tell what exactly is the best version in general, cause in Crash Mode you have to go from zone to zone, from strat to strat, compare, and then see which version works the best for a reason or might have advantages. Those are sometimes bigger difference and sometimes smaller ones.

So when did it exactly started when i knew about differences for Gamecube and Xbox and 50 and 60hz. I believe it was in 2005 after Drew22werD told me about RST. I found a strat on the Coastal Crush zone and after Drew22werD saw my video, he said my version is faster (cause of the bigger jump at the small bump after the start). Also cause he couldn't recreate the strat using 60hz cause he was to slow to reach the truck in time. So it was found that 50hz changes some things compared to 60hz, probably just another "glitch" in the game.

All in all it feels like things are more loosen up with the 50hz mode. The RST ist faster, the physics are lighter (buses are easier to flip for example) and also the handling changes. It is like each car has a worse handling compared to 60hz. On zones with changing traffic it can trigger different traffic compared to 60hz and also the timing changes (60hz is faster compared to 50hz). Oh yes, it just came to my mind that on the racing mode they knew very early that 60hz might be faster/better and that is why. Your car has a better handling + the timing/speed changes using 60hz. An idea i recently thought of, maybe on those courses where it is better to use the Custom Roadster try Supercar and the 50hz mode, it might work better.
But also the Xbox version is different compared to the Gamecube version but it is mainly the physics there, which are lighter using the Xbox version (buses flip easier for example, a vehicle is pushed farther when crashing into). Also the "traffic changing" changes. This means on zones with changing traffic it can happen that you have to do different things compared to Gamecube to get a certain traffic (trucks for example).

Mainly in the last years it was tested which version works the best for a certain strat/zone and sometimes it is just details why a version is prefered. Which can make it easier to trigger a good score/glitch/scenario. But this can change from zone to zone and from strat to strat so that it is impossible to say a version is better in general. Also the lucky factor of the game can make it hard to compare things. For example a certain version can be viewed as working better on Gamecube using 50hz and then someone comes around and gets the high score using Xbox and 60hz.

I will soon move on to the zones/strats with the protocols and explain there more about the version differences/details for each zone and strat. See you soon.

November 22, 2018 - 22:22:48

November 22, 2018 - 09:14:19

For the 4th time within the last 3 weeks CoastalCrusher improves his PR on Catch Up Chaos/24 with the new Trailer-strat. He got 251,2 million (previous PR 236,1mil) and climbed another spot from 7th onto 6th place. Slowly getting there.
On the Totals he beat the 5,5 billion mark.

  • Video Zone 24 - 251,2 million
  • Top 25 - Catch Up Chaos/24
  • November 20, 2018 - 18:22:36

    LEEK701Xs 14th PR within the last 16 days. And another time it was done on Freeway Fury/9 where he got 356,4 million climbing from 14th onto 10th place (previous PR 330,8mil).

  • Video Zone 9 - 356,4 million
  • Top 25 - Freeway Fury/9

  • Also Brainkiller007 improved his Long Distance Destruction/16 PR another time this month and got 117,8 million. But unfortunately it was again only 0,2 million better than his previous PR and no position change (10th/117,6mil).

  • Video Zone 16 - 117,8 million
  • Top 25 - Long Distance Destruction/16
  • November 18, 2018 - 21:48:16

    The 2nd best thing which can happen after getting a World Record is to beat the highest score on video. And that accomplished Crashfreak today. On Glass Canyon/12 he got 142,0 million and beat the 2 years old best video (also done by him) by 0,8 million only. On the Top-25 he remains on the 2nd spot (previous PR 141,2mil).

  • Video Zone 12 - 142,0 million
  • Top 25 - Glass Canyon/12

  • Also LEEK701X got another PR today. On Freeway Fury/9 he got 330,8 million and climbed from 20th onto 14th place (previous PR 255,2mil).
    On the Totals he beat the 4,4 billion mark.
    He also beat the best Xbox 50hz video for that zone, which was done by Brainkiller007 over 11,5 years ago (303,5mil).

  • Video Zone 9 - 330,8 million
  • Top 25 - Freeway Fury/9

  • And cause we are just on the best Xbox 50hz videos. I oversaw that another one was beaten just some days ago so i didn't mention it on the news. It was MR Benga92s 126,0 million score on Twilight Turmoil/25 where he beat the 8,5 years old best video by 0,1 million only (125,9mil/Brainkiller007).

    November 18, 2018 - 10:32:45

    Over the last weeks i've created a lot of new playlists on Youtube for the different strats. You can also see that list as a "strats to use" list. I've usually put the best strat on the top of each zone. Some strats are outdated and not used anymore.
    I might add more specific playlists as there are countless of other possibilities. For example "Wall-glitches only" on Zone 3, "Flatbed glitches only on Zone 2, "Best 2 Busflip scores" on Zone 10, and so on. If you have an idea for a specfiic playlist you can also create one, give me the link and access to ( to add upcoming vids) and i will add it to the list.

    Btw i will also release another episode of "The Crash Mode Protocols" those days.

    I will just leave the links here, both have the same content. Btw it is currently 157 different playlists, have fun going through them.

  • Youtube Strats playlist overview Facebook
  • Youtube Strats playlist overview Forum
  • November 16, 2018 - 23:42:50

    November 15, 2018 - 21:56:35

    November is still going strong with new PRs. Another 4 PRs happened today during a crash-off, 3 of them done by LEEK701X again. On Late Arrival/11 he beat his only 9 days old PR and got 148,8 million climbing 2 spots from 14th onto 12th place (previous PR 138,3mil). On Glass Canyon/12 he got 82,0 million climbing 1 spot from 21st onto 20th place (previous PR 81,6mil). And on Surf Shocker/21 he got 97,6 million climbing also 2 spots from 19th onto 17th place (previous PR 96,8mil).
    And the 4th PR was done by Crashfreak and was almost a new World Record on Surf Shocker/21. He got 128,1 million and missed the WR by 1,1 million only. On the Top-25 he remains on the 2nd place (previous PR 127,2mil).

  • Video Zone 11 - 148,8 million
  • Top 25 - Late Arrival/11

  • Video Zone 12 - 82,0 million
  • Top 25 - Glass Canyon/12

  • Video Zone 21 - 128,1 million
  • Video Zone 21 - 97,6 million
  • Top 25 - Surf Shocker/21
  • November 15, 2018 - 13:46:04

    LEEK701Xs 9th PR within the last 3 weeks happened on Ridge Riot/8 where he got 38,8 million entering the Top-25 on 14th place. It is his 25th zone he is ranked within the Top-25. Only missing zones are 6, 23, 24, 28 and 30.

  • Video Zone 8 - 38,8 million
  • Top 25 - Ridge Riot/8
  • November 14, 2018 - 08:40:39

    November 13, 2018 - 18:59:24

    November 13, 2018 - 09:34:35

    November 11, 2018 - 19:34:41

    November 9, 2018 - 16:24:00

    New World Record on Avalanche/13!
    Brainkiller007 got 226,6 million and beat the previous WR from 4 months ago (Crashfreak/124,8mil) by 102 million! On the Top-25 he climbed from 3rd place onto the top spot (previous PR 116,4mil). It was Brainkiller007s 7th PR in 2018.
    On the Totals he beat the 6,8 billion mark.

    For the community it was the 7th World Record set in 2018 and the Total counter for the good old "best available vids" section beat the 8 billion mark! Yes, this already happened before but this time it happened without any sink-glitches.

  • Video Zone 13 - 226,6 million
  • Top 25 - Avalanche/13
  • Best available Vids
  • November 8, 2018 - 08:27:05